3 Options For Testing A Bad Battery (And What To Look For!)

22 December 2021
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A bad battery will leave you stranded more quickly and thoroughly than many other more severe car problems. Unfortunately, there's not much you can do to fix a dead battery other than replacing it with a new one. Even jump-starting is often a temporary solution and may leave you stranded again before you can make it home. However, batteries aren't cheap, and you want to be sure you need a replacement before spending that cash. Read More 

Shipping Your Car Across The Country

15 November 2021
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When you are moving across the country, it may not always make sense to drive your car. In these situations, arranging for the vehicle to be shipped to the new home may be the most efficient solution for getting the vehicle to the new home while minimizing wear to it. Consider Choosing Enclosed Auto Shipping Options As you assess the potential automobile shipping services for your vehicle, it can be useful to choose a provider that offers enclosed shipping options. Read More 

Top Tips To Help You Get A Great Rate On Car Repair Services

20 October 2021
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No matter how skilled you are at navigating a vehicle, it's almost inevitable that you will eventually require car repairs. Battery replacement, brake issues, and even scheduled maintenance are all common vehicle issues and there really is no getting around the need to have someone work on your automobile at some point. Although you likely realize that car repair is a reality, there is almost no way to plan for it. Read More 

Advice For Truckers Getting IRP Apportioned Plates

20 September 2021
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If you're trucker and plan on traveling across multiple jurisdictions, then it probably will be necessary to get an IRP apportioned plate. Then you won't have to deal with the inconvenience of getting multiple permits and paying a lot of money. Thanks to these tips, getting this special type of plate will be easy. Properly Register First In order to be granted an IRP apportioned plate, you'll have to first register. Read More 

Simple And Effective Small Dent Repair For Your Car

23 August 2021
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In the past, if your car had several minor dents in the sheet metal, the body shop would have to pull the dents out and then sand and paint the affected area. Fast forward a few years, and paintless dent removal service is becoming a better option that eliminates the need to paint the car after the repairs are made.  Dent Removal The most common way to remove a dent from a panel on your car is to use a tool that pulls the dent out using a nail spot welded to the panel or by drilling a hole through the panel and pulling the dent with a dent puller. Read More